Be the change you want to see in the world
Stand Still and Stand Tall. The world will look up to you.
Everything you want & need is right in front of you. Acknowledge it & accept it. More will follow you.
Yoga is a science of Self Realization & Self Manifestation

Spiritual Teacher

I am a yoga practitioner and yoga teacher. I was first introduced to the different limbs of yoga at the age of 8. At about the same age, I also learned other Indian spiritual philosophies and Sanskrit. I spent most of my childhood and adolescent years in a boarding school in Hyderabad, India. This school emphasized spiritual growth at a young age . I embrace a yogic lifestyle that integrates all the eight limbs of Raja Yoga, as prescribed by Patanjali. I studied and practiced yogic/vedic philosophies from different schools/traditions:

  • Satyachetana International (India and US branches)
  • Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (India and US branches)
  • Self Realization Fellowship (India and US branches)
  • Various Mahayana Buddhist schools
  • Self study of Yoga, Shaivism, Samkhya, and Vedanta


I generally teach the non asana aspects of Raja Yoga. I have been teaching Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit and Chanting since 2008.


I speak on subjects such as: Yoga Beyond Asana, Meditation & Breathwork, Shaivism and Samkhya.


I am passionate about using yogic principles to create a healthy, peaceful and harmonious life. I speak and offers advice to people from different walks of life about living a yogic lifestyle.