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This is my first book on Meditation called 'Meditations for Wellness & Inspired Living'.


In this book, I present 25 meditation and 6 breathing techniques to manage Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep and create a life of Clarity, Harmony, and Purpose.

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So, why did I write this book, and why now? This book was perhaps 15 years in the making. Besides being a technology management professional in the healthcare industry, I have offered spiritual and wellness coaching to hundreds of people
over the last 15 years. A few recent incidents propelled me to put my experience and wisdom on paper. Like many of you, I went through many challenges during the Covid-19 period, especially during 2021. In the middle of 2021, when the virus
(Delta variant) was most fatal during the second wave, more than 50 of my friends and family members were infected by Covid-19. I stopped counting after 50. Five of them died, and two almost died. The sad part of this experience was that most of these infections, especially among younger people, could have been avoided if people lived healthier lives and took the necessary precautions for their health and well-being.


The severity and fatality of the infections were directly linked to existing comorbidities, which are directly related to lifestyle diseases. This was a harsh wake-up call for all of us to be more proactive about our health. I felt a sense of urgency to share with the world some wellness techniques that could aid us in preventing and managing future health crises. I decided to present the meditation and breathing techniques I knew as tools to heal and cultivate a wellness practice. I reexamined all the techniques I knew and categorized them as per their usefulness in preventing and managing lifestyle-related conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. I also took this opportunity to write meditation techniques that would provide clarity and inspire people to lead a healthy and purposeful life.


This book aims to help my readers find and sustain a meditation practice for a healthy, peaceful, and harmonious life.

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