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I offer Mentorship to people seeking my guidance in cultivating and sustaining a spiritual practice, and a spiritually inclined lifestyle. My mentoring is broadly based on the framework of Raja Yoga.


Philosophical Framework: Guidance on the different scriptures/literary works/books that can give you the conceptual clarity of the yogic path


Moral Foundation: Guidance on cultivating a conscious value system


Personal Spiritual Practice: I can teach you various techniques for your spiritual practice: Asans (yoga poses), Pranayama (breath-work), Meditation, Mantra (Chanting, Japa)


Spiritually Inclined Lifestyle:  Diet, Music, Service, Relationships, Entrepreneurship


I believe that Time is the most precious thing in life, it’s one thing that cannot be reversed. I’d like to make the best use of my limited time in being of service to the world. If you are seeking my mentorship, I would ask you to be sincere and committed.


Few options for mentorship


1 year program. 12 monthly coaching/mentoring sessions. In-Person or Online

3 months program. 12 weekly coaching/mentoring sessions. In-Person or Online.

6 months program. 12 bi-weekly coaching/mentoring sessions. In-Person or Online.

It is best if you can meet me in person at Moksha Spiritual Center, where I teach and live part-time. If you are interested in an immersive experience, you may rent a room at Moksha Spiritual Center for a few months and learn from me while you live here.

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