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Da Shawn Clark
Bakersfield, CA

“Your  meditation classes have helped me become more lighter and self aware. I've acquired more energy and motivation to grow into my higher self.”

Los Angeles, CA

“Arvind helped introduce me to the full extent of yoga, beyond the asanas. I particularly appreciate his use of pranayama and sound to deepen the meditation sessions. I love his down to earth and kind personality and look forward to meditating with him whenever I can​.”

Michelle P
Frazier Park, CA

"I attend these sessions when I can and the feeling of peace and community, I feel is priceless. Yogi is kind, friendly, contemporary and very knowledgeable on many subjects.


He opens his Center to gatherings, vegetarian potlucks, sound baths.
It's a community come together. 
He has arranged for Retreats in Centers in the local forests.  Yogi will lead excursions to our local sky viewing area and is very knowledgeable about our local environs. The Center is definitely a shining light here and I am happy it's here "

Michelle Wells
Frazier Park, CA

Yogi Arvind   is a Mystic kind soul.  In his classes you feel save , secure and eager to learn from his incite and view. After a class i always feel relaxed and energized  and full of hope. I wish everyone could feel calm  enthusiastic and unity.

xx, CA


xx, CA


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