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Yoga is a science of Self Realization & Self Manifestation

Yoga beyond Asana

Yoga is a science of Self Realization and Self Manifestation. It offers a framework to discover our highest potential, the divine essence in every  one of us. This framework has many components: Physical, Mental, Philosophical and Spiritual. Each component by itself is quite transformative, but the full benefit of yoga can be experienced when one integrates all these components in their practice. In my view, a true yogi is someone who lives by the principles of yoga (morals, disciplines and yogic philosophies).  Most people begin their yoga practice through the physical poses, asanas. The Western yoga world has done a great job of perfecting and disseminating the wisdom and practice of the physical aspects of yoga. A lot more work needs to be done with regards to the non-physical aspects of yoga. I intend to bridge that gap.


I conduct workshops on this subject of  Yoga beyond Asana and how to incorporate the non-asana aspects of yoga into one’s yoga practice. I usually cover the following topics in my workshops:

  1. Definition of Yoga: Science of Self Realization & Self Manifestation
    1. Philosophical
    2. Physical
    3. Mental
    4. Spiritual
  2. Four different paths of yoga & their derivatives
    1. Rāja Yoga
      1. Hatha
    2. Bhakti Yoga
    3. Karma Yoga
    4. Jnāna Yoga
  3. Three gunas
    1. Sattva
    2. Tamas
    3. Rajas
  4. Limbs of Raja Yoga
    1. Yama: Ahimsa, Satya, Aparigraha, Asteya, Bhramhacharya
    2. Niyama: Saucha, Santosha, Tapaha, Svādhyāya, Ishvara Pranidhāna
    3. Pranāyama
    4. Prathyāhāra
    5. Dhārana
    6. Dhyāna
    7. Samādhi