Be the change you want to see in the world
Stand Still and Stand Tall. The world will look up to you.
Everything you want & need is right in front of you. Acknowledge it & accept it. More will follow you.
Yoga is a science of Self Realization & Self Manifestation


I have been teaching meditation since 2006. I use a number of meditation techniques during my classes, depending on the needs of the students and their level of practice: Vipassana, Chakra based meditation, World Peace meditation, Mantra & Japa, Yoga Nidra, Visualizations, Breath based meditations, Analytical meditation and more.


My Meditation & Pranayama(Breathwork) classes are geared towards cultivating a higher state of consciousness and sustaining that higher state for longer periods of time, even  after one leaves the studio. I want to help people maintain this state during their day-to-day activities, thereby making even the most simple or mundane task enlightening and uplifting. We achieve this state through building equanimity, steadfastness, presence of mind, objectivity and wisdom.  

Classes are usually 75 – 90 minutes long. Each class comprises of 3 segments

  1. Preparation (15 minutes) – Objective of this segment is to zone into a meditative space, physically and mentally, by letting go off the mental chatter that lingers in our heads. I start off with some pranayama or chanting or some restorative asana/mudra/bandha.
  2. Concentration/Awareness meditation (45 minutes) – Objective of this segment is to train ourselves to be more present, be more aware of what is happening in our mind-body continuum as well as the surroundings in which we thrive. Finally, to increase our ability to concentrate and focus easily on a thought or task. I try to accomplish this through various meditation techniques: Vipassana, Chakra based meditation, Yoga Nidra, Visualizations, Mantra, Japa, Walking meditation, World Peace meditation and more.
  3. Analytical/Wisdom meditation (20 minutes) – Objective of this segment is to cultivate wisdom and to apply that wisdom in all walks of our lives. I suggest one topic in the class and I ask the students to meditate on that topic. The idea is to increase our understanding of that topic objectively and to also explore how our lives can be changed with that new understanding that comes out of meditation. I have a deck of cards with different topics written on them. I collect these topics from my readings of Yoga, Samkhya and Vedanta


My approach to the class: I do a brief introduction of the different techniques that will be practiced in the class and offer the necessary instruction to sustain oneself through the class. I rarely offer an entirely guided meditation. I am really interested in helping practice silence as much as possible and empower them to meditate by themselves, rather than depending totally on another person to meditate. I may play some light instrumental music in the preparation stage to get them into the meditative zone.